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Athletes Canada

We had an athlete get stranded in the United States when her flight from Moscow via Frankfurt was delayed, causing her to miss her connection. Despite being called in the wee hours of the morning, the on-call emergency bookings staff was able to arrange to have our athlete on the next available flight home.

Danny OShea


I once called the emergency line at midnight on a Friday to change a flight for the next day and they totally accommodated it. Pretty sure I even got Ron out of bed for that one!

They are aware of our sometimes crazy needs for things like excess baggage, and always provide suggestions for better flight times, layovers, and complicated trips from the middle of nowhere!

Cara Lewis-Watts


Being a former travel agent, I am aware of and can fully appreciate the quality of service and depth of industry knowledge that Heather demonstrates. Anything Ive questioned, better routing, lower rates she has already looked into and I can trust that she has already come up with the best option for our travel needs.

Zeljka Burazin

Image Media Farm Inc

The team is an absolute pleasure to work with and they go the extra mile to make sure all aspects of travel has been taken care of with ease.

Nikki Beesley

JonesFoto, inc.

Stage and Screen has, in just these first few months, more than lived up to our admittedly high expectations! What we've found with S&S, as opposed to our previous agency, is that rare combination of professional efficacy and sparkling personality that makes even trivial changes and adjustments pleasant and worry-free.

Jason Jones

BAAM Productions

The team is willing to go out of their way to ensure our travel bookings are handled the way we prefer from start to finish. We can send requests through in emails, spreadsheets or with telephone calls and we know that Stage and Screen will ensure all necessary travel details are in place. Stage and Screen customizes their itineraries and invoices to meet our specific needs.

Aimee Roy

Canadian Olympic Committee

We are pleased to have Stage and Screen support the Canadian Olympic Team. Stage and Screen plays a critical role in ensuring our athletes, coaches, support team and staff are able to travel in a manner that allows them to thrive on the world stage as they strive for podium success.

Alyson Walker, Executive Director, Marketing Partnerships

eOne (Entertainment One)

Heather has truly made my job much easier and has allowed me to be much more effective in my role. For that I am constantly grateful!

John Fewell