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There's a lot more to booking entertainment travel than looking after the comfort of your travellers. Keeping a handle on costs is just as important. But with these handy tips from Stage and Screen, you can save time and those all important dollars every time you book!

Jump to it and buy early

  • Booking your flights up to 30 days (or more) before jetting off is the easiest way to save money on your airfares, which can be far lower than booking five days in advance. For international flights, this can be a huge saving!
  • Being flexible with your travel dates can make a big difference to your fares. You can often save money by arriving a day earlier or later if it's an off-peak travel time. Or if a longer flight or layover is no trouble, consider taking a less direct route.
  • Also remember to book your transfers, hotels, car hire and rail tickets etc before departure. Often this is not only cheaper but saves the traveller a lot of time and hassle once they're at their destination.

Book online

  • Our online booking tool (OBT) will instantly show you the best available fare of the day. This includes domestic flights, as well as prepaid and other corporate rates for hotels and car hire. So why waste time searching when it's all in front of you!
  • You can book all elements of a trip in one go, and save a bundle of time by not having to trawl through various websites. Plus, you'll lower your service fees.
  • Bookings can be made with a range of airlines and suppliers, whereas other travel websites may not give you this level of choice.
  • You've also got the flexibility to make booking changes without hefty penalties.

Check our entertainment rates

  • Stage and Screen negotiates special entertainment rates with many hotel and car hire suppliers, available to you through our OBT. By booking with us you have exclusive access to these rates, which can be up to 30% lower than standard rates.

Try for better rates on bigger volumes

  • If your booking volume is high, Stage may be able to strike lower rates with preferred suppliers. We can also negotiate special group rates at hotels if you are booking groups of nine or more rooms. So the more the merrier for your budget!

Use our destination brainpower

  • Our team can give you fantastic insight into destinations worldwide, based on their own travel experiences. Whether you need advice on where to stay, how to get from one city to another, or the easiest mode of transport, we can save you a heap of time, effort and money by sharing our know-all.

Book your whole itinerary in one go

  • By doing this you can often take advantage of bundled booking fees and save time sourcing from different channels. Don't put your credits on hold – use them!
  • If you have credits for unused flights, remember to use them at your first opportunity. Stage and Screen can keep you up-to-speed on any credits in your monthly or quarterly reports.

Mind the Ts and Cs

  • Bookings usually come with conditions and deadlines, and it's recommended that you stick to these unless you absolutely have to make changes. If you miss a deadline to make booking amendments we may not be able to secure your same seats or fares, and that could mean added costs!

Broaden your supplier horizons

  • Try using a few different suppliers rather than just one, who may not always offer the best rate. Remember that frequent flyer alliances can give you other airline options at cheaper rates, while still growing your frequent flyer points and status.
  • Stage and Screen can book a vast range of airlines, hotels and car hire companies. Other travel websites often limit the number of suppliers they display based on their preferred partnerships. So if you're booking via these websites, it's unlikely you'll be seeing the full picture of fares and rates available to you.

Check our website for great deals

  • offers special deals that are available exclusively to our clients, so make sure you check our website regularly for the latest savings