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We check-in on the latest Business Class offerings on international routes out of Australia – and ask, it is worth the cost? That depends on many things, including who’s footing the bill. However when you’re flying Business Class, there are a number of ways to make sure you get the most from it.

Here are our tips on how to enjoy the ride on Virgin Australia's Boeing 777...

Transfers, arrival and check-in

Start the trip in style, with a limousine transfer to the airport. Extravagant, I hear you say? Not so. It’s just one more Business Class perk. Complimentary limousines transfers (depending on the type of fare you’ve purchased), are definitely the way to go!

At the airport make a beeline for the priority Business Class check-in, before heading to the lounge to cool your heels. With a priority Business Class boarding call, you can say goodbye to the crowded cabin aisle conga! Just stroll to the gate after the plane is loaded and you're ready to roll.

Take your seat

With the attentive cabin crew at your service and your spacious seat, or suite, awaiting you – it’s time to settle in. With thoughtful 1-2-1 seat configurations in ‘The Business’, you can slip into your direct aisle access seat – without having to get overly familiar with your neighbour.

Their ingenious seat design means that there is a place for everything. So unpack and set up your space. You’ll have multiple dedicated personal storage spaces for your passport, phone, books, glasses and charger, plus a purpose-built tablet pocket. Next familiarise yourself with the seat options and ergonomic positions all via a touch screen.

Work it!

With your destination still hours away, it’s time to knock off some work while you’re still fresh. This is where Business Class  comes into its own, with many seats offering a set up much like a personal work station. Virgin Australia’s offering is just ‘the business’ - with a large desk, adjustable lighting, and power and USB outlets to charge your devices. It’s always a bonus to arrive at your destination with a fully charged laptop! Take advantage of noise-cancelling headsets to block out distractions, or catch up on the latest news or podcast. And if you’re on a deadline to finish that report, you can take advantage of choosing when you wish to dine.

Speaking of dining, the quality and options available could be worth the price of Business Class alone! A la carte menus designed by resident chef Luke Mangan allow you to enjoy premium inflight dining, while express menus offer lighter meals and you can even design your own breakfast. And that's not the only reason to get excited about breakfast... you can now enjoy your breakfast at the Business Class bar if you want to stretch your legs after a good night's rest. The bar comes complete with Nespresso coffee, as well as light nibbles and champagne cocktails later in the day.

Rest and Refresh

With work sorted and appetites sated, you can focus on recharging your own batteries. Set up camp in your Business Class suite, which will convert into a fully flat bed. Slip into your complimentary PJs (one less thing to pack) – and tuck up under your doona for some serious entertainment. Personalised, state-of-the-art touch screens offer endless entertainment for all tastes.

Take advantage of your complimentary, designer amenities kit to freshen up. And if your trip is short, this kit is probably all you’ll need so you can pack lighter. Get up regularly to stroll around the cabin or mingle with other travellers at the inflight bar. Having a nightcap in your PJs with complete strangers can actually be quite liberating!

It’s so hard to say goodbye

The only downside to the personalised service which Business Class affords travellers, is when you have to leave the rarefied cabin and revert to ‘regular traveller’ status. C’est la vie! But given that you do need to leave, it’s good to have a quick getaway. So enjoy the premium send off as you’re directed to the express customs path and priority baggage release. If only the whole world could run as smoothly as Business Class.