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There are many ways to get from A to B, however for travellers in the Sports and Entertainment industries it's often hard to beat the convenience, value and flexibility of hiring a car. Plus when you book through Stage and Screen, the range of value adds and benefits available to you simply makes car hire good sense.


Hiring a car and travelling together with a number of colleagues can provide a good opportunity to catch up and review the day's plans and schedules. However more importantly, in most cases it is far more economical than four individuals paying for separate return taxis to the same destination. Even when you take into account the potential cost of car parking and tolls, car hire and car-pooling is generally a cheaper alternative. With many years of experience in arranging ground travel for touring bands, production teams, film crews and sporting groups, Stage and Screen know what's important to keep things moving.

Technology is also making car hire more streamlined and efficient. New user-friendly trends include automatic car screening, which involves cameras photographing all vehicles as they leave the depot to reduce damage disputes. While new toll solutions offered by some companies mean that drivers don't need to present a credit card to cover toll usage.


Stage and Screen has the inside knowledge, strong supplier relationships and the buying power, to negotiate special bonuses and the best deals from all of the leading hire companies. Discounted passenger and commercial vehicle rates Stage and Screen has access to exclusive entertainment rates, which are generally around 30% cheaper than standard rates - and they can be even lower for extended hire periods.

Discounted excess and no surcharges for young drivers

Stage and Screen can secure lower discounted insurance excess rates for your hire period, with a range of other options to also reduce the excess. Our exclusive entertainment industry focus has enabled us to negotiate no extra surcharge for young drivers, on passenger vehicles seating up to eight people.

Discounted long-term production and film rates

Need vehicles for the length of your film shoot or TV production season? Stage and Screen can arrange greatly reduced long-term entertainment hire rates (and excess rates) for periods from 14 days to over six months.


Approval for multiple drivers

If you're on the road a lot or touring, it's important to have several drivers to share the load. Stage and Screen offers clients this unique feature, which means that multiple people can legally drive the hire car - without each needing to have signed a form at the time of vehicle pickup.

Dedicated and experienced 24/7 reservations team

When you book through Stage and Screen you get a dedicated team who are experienced in booking high volumes of vehicles every week. So they know the best deals, the most suitable vehicles and the closest depots. Plus the experienced and local after hour's team, can manage and change bookings 24 hours a day if necessary.

Assistance with damage resolution

Unfortunately accidents do happen, however Stage and Screen can utilise their strong supplier relationships to help resolve disputes and to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Option to book through Online Booking Tool

Clients who prefer to make bookings themselves can use the Serko online booking tool to view all available options while still tapping into Stage and Screen's great rates.

Any vehicle, any region and any country

Stage and Screen have the industry knowledge to be able to source every imaginable type of vehicle and to save you unnecessary running around. This local knowledge - across both states and countries - means that if one depot does not have a particular vehicle, we know which other depots are close by as another option.

Vehicle accessories tailored to your needs

Need a trailer for all your camera gear? Or a GPS to find that outback location? Stage and Screen know the best companies for supplying extras such as luggage racks, car seats and tow bars. Plus our team will make sure they are available when and where you need them.


Travel policy compliant bookings Stage and Screen will ensure bookings are made according to your travel policy, because we hold all details in our system. This can prevent staff from making vehicle upgrades or paying an excess reduction fee, when a company already has a blanket insurance policy in place which covers domestic car hire excesses.

Charge back option

Clients have the option to use Stage and Screen's charge back feature for bookings within Australia. This eliminates the need to present a credit card at pick-up, making it easier for anyone in the organisation to collect a vehicle from a depot. The option to charge back tolls is also available with some hire companies.

Expenditure reporting and tracking

With car hire expenditure tracked through Stage and Screen's BI reporting model, we can provide clients with a transparent and detailed quarterly or annual review of costs. Know where and how a client's budget is being spent can then assist with negotiating better rates with preferred suppliers.

Set up of private company accounts

With certain suppliers, Stage and Screen can set up a direct account and account number to be used for all client bookings with that car hire company. This account can be tailored to the client's needs to save time, allow for easy tracking of all bookings and to help with reconciling accounts. This also allows for the charge back of tolls to the company, if their drivers are unable to present a credit card upon collection.

Earn loyalty program points

Stage and Screen will make sure bookings earn you Qantas Frequent Flyer or Velocity points for members. When you book through Stage and Screen, you also accrue points in our own loyalty program - Backstage Advantage. Direct bookings do not accumulate points.

Enrolment in car hire membership programs

Stage and Screen can enrol you in car hire company membership programs, to ensure you receive priority treatment and avoid the collection queues.