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At stage and screen travel we never want to see our clients faced with a nasty surprise when they hire a car. so it’s reassuring to know that new technology may soon make the facts clearer, for all parties involved, when the cause of any car damage is in dispute.

New technology is being trialled by a number of car hire depots to help avoid disputes about when vehicle damage has occurred. Cameras will photograph each car as it departs the depot and then again upon its return, to record any evidence of damage. Multiple photos of the car will be taken from every angle and drivers can then review the images if new damage is reported. A number of companies hope to rollout this technology within two years to help minimise disputes. This is great news for customers as it is expected to reduce the number of disputed claims and the additional expenses which can result from excess charges.

In the meantime you need to remain diligent when you collect your hire car, to ensure that any pre-existing damage has been correctly recorded.


  • Once you sign a car hire agreement you are legally agreeing to the hirer’s terms and conditions.
  • Be proactive in taking responsibility for the vehicle and make sure you are comfortable with the agreement and the condition of the vehicle.
  • All pre-existing damage should be noted on the vehicle illustration printed out with your Rental Agreement.
  • You MUST physically check the vehicle prior to departure and inform the rental company if there is any damage which has not been noted on the Rental Agreement (be sure to check the lower panels of the vehicle). It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that ALL damage is registered with the rental company prior to departure.
  • If it is dark, please examine the car under lighting and if you notice something the next morning which you did not see the night before, call the hire company and notify them ASAP.
  • If the vehicle is returned with damage which had not been noted on the Rental Agreement, you will be charged the applicable Accident Damage Excess.

For further details please ask the car rental staff at time of collection. Should you receive any invoices for damage via Stage and Screen, please advise your allocated Credit Controller that you wish to dispute the charge.

Please note: The full Accident Damage Excess will be charged REGARDLESS OF FAULT until the repair costs have been quoted, at which point a refund will be processed for the difference. A Single Vehicle Accident Excess may also apply. If a third party is involved, the Accident Damage Excess will only be refunded once money is recovered from the third party’s insurer